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Upcoming Storage Auction Information

Self Storage auctions are common in the storage industry and are typically open to the general public. A storage unit auction can be a great way to locate antiques and other unique items of interest for just a fraction of their cost. Storage auctions are held only as needed, which can make it difficult to find one in advance. Westside Storage will provide as much advanced notice as possible. All auctions will be posted in the Valencia County News Bulletin, Legal Notices and on this website. For more information use the contact form.

Property will be sold to highest bidder. Seller reserves right to withdraw property from sale.
*NOTE** These numbers are very likely to change before the sale, for those of you who do not understand how this works, the tenants have right up until the time that sale starts to come in and pay off their delinquent balance, canceling the sale.

Terms: ALL Lockers are sold as a whole unit unless otherwise stated. Bidders view it from the doorway, no one is allowed in the lockers until after the locker is purchased. Buyer must take everything in the locker.
Thanks to all that attended our last auction and we will notify you when we have another auction.

Auction Rules:
1. No one under 18 is permitted to bid on the auctions.
2. Owner has the right to accept or decline any and all bids.
3. What you see from the door is what you bid on.
4. You may not touch any item or step inside the unit.
5. Unit contents are sold as is, where is. There are no guaranties.
6. Please leave the unit clean.
Winning bidders have 24 hours to clean unit out completely. The sole purpose of this auction is to vacate the unit so the unit can be rented. Winning Bidder may rent the unit upon signing a rental agreement with a month to month stipulation.
8. Please do not leave ANY lien sale Items on the property.
9. If there are any personal items such as photographs/albums, birth/death certificates, anything with a social security number or items of that nature, please bring them to the office.
10. Payment is due at the conclusion of each auction. Your bids are at an open auction and cash payments are the only accepted forms of payment. No checks or credit cards will be accepted.
11. Westside Self-Storage (owner/management) reserves the right to: A) Revoke the bidding privileges of any bidder; B) Refuse a bid that is merely a fractional advance over a preceding bid; C) Cancel the sale prior to having said "SOLD".
12. The successful bidder is the only authorized person allowed to enter the facility to access that unit.
13. Persons attending the auction and/or the removal of goods from the premises assume all risk of both personal and property from liability.
14. Winning bidder must make payment before leaving property.
15. Unit must be cleaned out completely taking all trash.
16. No dumpster is provided bidders. Those who do not follow the rules will not be allowed to bid again.
17. You must put a deposit on any unit that you purchase of $40.00 that will be returned when the unit is clean and that you have not put any items in the dumpsters at or near the facility.

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